Mitigation Services

Radon mitigation is any process used to reduce radon gas concentrations in the breathing zones of occupied buildings or radon from water supplies. Mitigation of radon in the air is accomplished through ventilation, either collected below a concrete floor slab or membrane on the ground, or by increasing the air changes per hour in the building. Treatment systems using aeration or activated charcoal are available to remove radon from domestic water supplies.

Radon Mitigation in Home
Sump Pump

Covering a submersible sump pump increases the reduction of radon gas.

sump pump
Suction Pipe

A suction pipe draws the radon gas from below the basement floor.

Suction Pipe

A manometer measures fan activity to ensure the radon mitigation system is working properly.

Manometer measures fan activity

Fan Assembly

Fan assembly in garage/attic draws radon gas from below home and sends outside.

Fan Assembly draws radon out

Radon gas exhaust. Roof penetration shown here.

Radon Roof Exhaust
Exterior Mitigation

Same concept as inside, but mitigation system installed outside.

Exterior Mitigation
Pipe Color

PVC pipe comes in white, but can be painted to match home color.

Pipe Color Options